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Complete & Partial Dentures in Windsor

happy middle aged couple outdoorsIf you're missing multiple teeth due to decay or injury, Dr. Lisa M. Jordan can help. On top of restoring your dental function, her exceptional skills and experience will also give you a bright and confident smile. Since 1993, our team has been serving the Windsor, Granby, Windsor Locks, Simsbury, and Hartford County communities with skilled and comprehensive denture care.

At Jordan Dental Health Group, we will recommend complete or partial dentures, depending on the extent of your problem. These prosthetic devices boost your oral health and self-esteem by filling the gaps made by missing teeth. Consult our Windsor dentist for comprehensive denture solutions today!


What are Dentures?

illustration of full arch dentures and partial denturesAlso known as prosthetics, dentures are appliances that mimic natural teeth. If you already have loose or missing teeth, you may need dentures to prevent further damage to your remaining teeth. High-quality dentures conform to prosthodontic principles. They include firmness during use, stability to prevent sliding, retention, and ease of maintenance.

You'll enjoy several benefits from a new set of dentures, including improved smile and appearance, higher self-esteem, and better speech patterns. Other advantages are better support for your facial muscles, improved digestion because you can chew better, and general convenience.

Types of Dentures

Although there are various types of dentures, your exact fit will depend on certain factors. They include the number of missing teeth, the health of your remaining teeth, and the type of denture material. Dr. Jordan offers the following options:

  1. Complete Dentures: This appliance is suitable if you're missing all teeth on your upper or lower dental arch. For that reason, it's also known as a full or complete denture. This custom-made appliance rests on top of your gums and is secured with suction and a denture adhesive.
  2. Partial Dentures: Our team will recommend these types if you still have some natural teeth left. They're made of acrylic and have a pink base held in place by your remaining teeth, usually with a metal clasp. Other than being easily removable, they prevent your remaining teeth from becoming misaligned.
  3. Immediate Dentures: These are either complete or partial dentures that we place in one day. We create a mold or impression before extracting any teeth. After your dentures are fabricated, we can deliver them on the same day we perform the extractions. The main benefit is that you won't have to wait for new teeth. Dr. Jordan can adjust and reline your dentures as your gums and bones heal. In some cases, you may qualify for permanent implant-supported dentures or All-On-4®

The Denture Process

close up of confident middle aged womanThe process depends on factors such as your health and the type of denture needed. It will take multiple appointments for us to create a custom treatment plan. The first step involves conducting a dental exam to determine whether you're eligible to receive this prosthetic. Digital imaging allows us to identify any problems with underlying bones and plan for extractions if necessary.

Our team will then take measurements of your teeth and create an impression. We'll send the results to a lab that will craft your custom dentures to precise requirements. On your next appointment, we'll insert the dentures and ensure they fit comfortably. Dr. Jordan will make slight adjustments if you still experience any pain while wearing them. It may take some time before you get used to your new teeth so you can eat, speak, and smile naturally.

Care Instructions for Your Dentures

Removable dentures require appropriate care to maintain their appearance. Follow these care tips to keep them clean and stain-free:

  • Rinse them after a meal by placing them under cool running water to remove food particles and other debris.
  • Handle them with care to avoid bending or damaging sensitive parts.
  • Clean your mouth with a soft-bristled brush after removing your dentures.
  • Make sure you brush your dentures every day with a non-abrasive cleanser and a soft toothbrush.
  • Keep your dentures moist by soaking them overnight in water or a recommended mild solution.
  • Rinse them thoroughly before inserting them into your mouth. Avoid using hot water, which could warp the shape of your dentures.
  • Honor your dental appointments as advised by Dr. Jordan. During the visit, she'll examine and professionally clean them. She'll also ensure they still fit well and adjust them if necessary.

If you have permanent implant-supported dentures, take care of them as you would your natural teeth. That includes brushing at least twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, flossing, and using mouthwash. Remember to maintain a healthy diet and make an appointment with Dr. Jordan at least twice a year.

Quality Dentures in Windsor

At Jordan Dental Health Group, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care in a comfortable environment. We offer expert solutions for various oral health problems, and our team is renowned for performing affordable and comfortable procedures that result in the brightest smile.

We always recommend treatments that are in the best interests of your oral and overall health. If you've been looking for a reliable dental practice in Windsor, Granby, Windsor Locks, Simsbury, or Hartford County communities, your search is over. Schedule an appointment today!


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